yellow gun blue tripic mirror
vermilion methane silver tripic mirror
gray methane silver tripic mirror

Photophase Lens

Performance Optics

Vermilion Methane Silver Tripic Mirror


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Description & Specs

Replacement lenses designed for the K2 PhotoPhase goggle frame. Each of our Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision lenses comes with the added protection of Ri-Pel® to ensure long-lasting optical performance.

Lens Options:

Gray Methane Silver Tripic Mirror A subtle, gray-based mirrored lens for strong sunlight and bright conditions.
VLT: 16%
Filter Category: S3

Yellow Gun Blue Tripic Mirror A subtle, yellow-based mirrored lens for flat light and cloudy conditions. Thanks to its yellow tint, this lens can also serve as a worthy night riding lens.
VLT: 46%
Filter Category: S1

Vermilion Methane Silver Tripic Mirror Vermilion is a reddish/orange color and comprises the dominant tint of this versatile mirrored lens. Ideal in a number of riding conditions but designed to excel in flat light and cloudy conditions.
VLT: 47%
Filter Category: S1

  • Sizes: 1 Size
  • Colors: vermilion methane silver tripic mirror, yellow gun blue tripic mirror, gray methane silver tripic mirror


Creators of some of the world's most advanced optics, Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision bring incredible quality and experience to the optics of K2 Goggles. Each lens is made of a tough polycarbonate and treated with a hard-coating for superior performance and extreme scratch resistance.
Ri-Pel® is a proprietary hydrophobic vacuum coating that is applied to each one of our Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision K2 lenses. Designed to minimize scratching and smudging, expel residue from water, sweat, and fingerprints, and enhance overall visibility, Ri-Pel® offers the necessary lens protection required by today's riders.
The pantoscopic angle of our goggles ensures maximum vertical field of vision and optical performance by matching the pantoscopic angle of your eye to the goggle lens.