K2skis 1415 photoantic blue brown biopic swatch brown?hei=80&wid=88&op sharpen=1&fmt=png alpha
brown biopic
K2skis 1415 photoantic blue orange biopic swatch orange?hei=80&wid=88&op sharpen=1&fmt=png alpha
orange biopic

Photoantic - blue

A Simple Clear Viewpoint


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Description & Specs

Only the features you need and nothing more to keep you looking good, and seeing well anywhere on the hill. With the crystal clear optics that only a spherical lens can provide, you won’t find a better ski goggle value anywhere.

  • Sizes: 1 Size
  • Colors: orange biopic, brown biopic
  • Features: Lens Options: Biopic Face Foam: Single Density with Micro Fleece Strap: Woven


Brown Biopic
K2skis 1213 photoantic lens brown biopic?wid=120&op sharpen=1&resmode=bicub&op usm=.3,.3,6,0&iccembed=1&fmt=png alpha&scl=22&cropn=0.1,0.1,0.75,0
This versatile non-mirrored lens is designed for partly cloudy conditions and days with medium sunlight.
  • LIGHT CONDITIONS: 22%Partly cloudy
  • LIGHT TRANSMISSION: Partly cloudy
Orange Biopic
K2skis 1213 photoantic lens orange biopic?wid=120&op sharpen=1&resmode=bicub&op usm=.3,.3,6,0&iccembed=1&fmt=png alpha&scl=22&cropn=0.1,0.1,0.75,0
This non-mirrored lens is perfect for those cloudy days when the light's flat and visibility is low.


Biopic lens
Biopic lenses are our high-performane non-mirrored lenses. Biopic lenses deliver the same level of base layer optical performance found in our Octic and Tripic lenses only without the added element of the mirrored layers
Helmet compatibility
Through the helmet-driven topline design and custom engineered strap brackets of each frame, K2 goggles achieve maximum fit and ventilation with all K2 helmets. The addition of lens vents that work in harmony with K2 helmets' venting systems minimize moisture buildup and maximize air circulation to ensure a clear field of vision and optimized temperature control. Silicon-backed goggle straps keep your goggles firmly in place when charging the most aggressive lines.
Single density
Premium grade compression foam bonded to the frame. No more and no less than everything you need to keep you focus on the hill and away from a bad goggle day.