K2ski 1415 photokinetic pro grey red octic mirror swatch red?hei=80&wid=88&op sharpen=1&fmt=png alpha
grey red octic mirror
K2skis 1415 photokinetic pro yellow gun blue tripic mirror swatch yellow?hei=80&wid=88&op sharpen=1&fmt=png alpha
yellow gun blue tripic mirror
K2skis 1415 photokinetic pro sonar silver tripic mirror swatch orange?hei=80&wid=88&op sharpen=1&fmt=png alpha
sonar silver tripic mirror

Photokinetic Pro - blue/gray

Superior Shred Vision

$124.95 - $144.95

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Description & Specs

Leading the pack with its first-class style and performance for its second year, the PhotoKinetic and PhotoKinetic Pro ski goggles feature a technical frame design to house the premium Lenses by ZEISS. This ski goggle is highly acclaimed for its style, maximum field of view and excellent helmet compatibility.

  • Sizes: 1 Size
  • Colors: grey red octic mirror, yellow gun blue tripic mirror, sonar silver tripic mirror
  • Features: Lenses by ZEISS and Ri-Pel


Yellow Gun Blue Tripic Mirror
K2skis 1213 photokinetic lens yellow gun blue tripic mirror swatch yellow?wid=120&op sharpen=1&resmode=bicub&op usm=.3,.3,6,0&iccembed=1&fmt=png alpha&scl=22&cropn=0.1,0.1,0.75,0
This mirrored lens is perfect for those cloudy days when the light's flat and visibility is low.
Gray Red Octic Mirror
K2skis 1213 photokinetic lens gray red octic mirror?wid=120&op sharpen=1&resmode=bicub&op usm=.3,.3,6,0&iccembed=1&fmt=png alpha&scl=22&cropn=0.1,0.1,0.75,0
This versatile mirrored lens is designed for partly cloudy conditions and days with medium sunlight.
  • LIGHT CONDITIONS: 25%Partly cloudy
  • LIGHT TRANSMISSION: Partly cloudy
Tripic Sonar Methane Silver
K2skis 1213 photokinetic lens tripic sonar methane silver?wid=120&op sharpen=1&resmode=bicub&op usm=.3,.3,6,0&iccembed=1&fmt=png alpha&scl=22&cropn=0.1,0.1,0.75,0


Octic mirror lens
Octic Mirror
Octic Mirror lenses utilize a unique combination of base lens color coupled with an 8-layer dielectric mirror technology to deliver a stylish, performance-driven mirrored lens. The result is an attractive multi-layer mirrored lens that is designed to balance out harsh sunlight and glare or enhance vision during low-light conditions.

Ri pel
Ri-Pel® is a proprietary hydrophobic vacuum coating that is applied to each one of our Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision K2 lenses. Designed to minimize scratching and smudging, expel residue from water, sweat, and fingerprints, and enhance overall visibility, Ri-Pel® offers the necessary lens protection required by today's riders.
Lenses by zeiss
Creators of some of the world's most advanced optics, bring incredible quality and experience to the optics of K2 Goggles. Each lens is made of a tough polycarbonate and treated with a hard-coating for superior performance and extreme scratch resistance.
Tripic mirror lens
Tripic Mirror
Tripic Mirror lenses use more modest hues such as Vermilion, Brown, and Gray combined with a proprietary mirror technology to produce a series of performance-driven mirrored lenses with subtler tints.

Helmet compatibility
Through the helmet-driven topline design and custom engineered strap brackets of each frame, K2 goggles achieve maximum fit and ventilation with all K2 helmets. The addition of lens vents that work in harmony with K2 helmets' venting systems minimize moisture buildup and maximize air circulation to ensure a clear field of vision and optimized temperature control. Silicon-backed goggle straps keep your goggles firmly in place when charging the most aggressive lines.
Sonar by zeiss
A new lens tint in the Tripic mirror category designed specifically to offer maximum contrast and visibility across the largest possible range of light conditions. If you want one lens that works great in nearly all light conditions, look no further than our SONAR lenses by ZEISS.
Dual density ultraplush micro fleece
Two densities of foam provide both comfort and stability, while K2's UltraPlush Micro Fleece delivers the highest level of coziness for your cheeks.