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Until RoX, high performance hard snow skis were designed stiff and robust for unshakable hold on the firmest snow conditions. The additional stiffness results in a ski that is unforgiving and difficult to initiate into a turn. K2 discovered a way to create a ski with unmatched hold and confidence on rock solid conditions while retaining effortless, accurate initiation and a smooth consistent flex. The new RoX Technology...

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By focusing specifically on the advantages of Speed Rocker in combination with a specific MOD shape and carbon Web placement, K2 has developed RoX Technology, a new standard for hard snow ski design creating skis with unshakable hold on the firmest conditions with the added benefit of effortless turn initiation.
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K2 2013/2014 AMP 80 X
AMP 80 X
K2 2013/2014 AMP 80 XTI
K2 2013/2014 Rictor 82 XTI
Rictor 82 XTI
K2 2013/2014 Rictor 90 XTI
Rictor 90 XTI

Precision Piste

K2 2013/2014 AMP Velocity
AMP Velocity
K2 2013/2014 AMP Charger
AMP Charger
K2 2013/2014 AMP Bolt
AMP Bolt


K2 2013/2014 SuperFree 76
SuperFree 76
K2 2013/2014 SuperGlide 80
SuperGlide 80
K2 2013/2014 SuperStitious 84
SuperStitious 84
K2 2013/2014 SuperBurnin 74
SuperBurnin 74

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