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Power 10 Airfoil Carbon Ski Poles

42-52inches (105-130cm)

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Description & Specs

The highest performance, feature-rich ski pole design of the collection, the Power 10 debuts the all-new AirFoil carbon shaft. The Power 10 ski pole is designed to reduce wind drag and overall weight. It’s reinforced with a triax outer wrap for added strength and stiffness. The poles also debut the AsymmPro Grip and Strap combination, the most ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use design seen in poles.

  • Sizes: 42in/105cm, 44in/110cm, 46in/115cm, 50in/125cm, 52in/130cm, 48in/120cm
  • Colors: black, yellow
  • Features: Carbon/Alu Hybrid Composite, Asymmetrical Ergo Grip, Airfoil Shaft, Aluminum ring webbed hardsnow basket


Asymmpro grip strap
The most ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use grip/strap combination that works together in a true right/left shape for the perfect fit. The contours of the grip match each hand for support and contain a unique relief area under ht palm where the strap rests to reduce bulk. The "set it and forget it" adjustable strap freely wraps the wrist and hand without any hard buckle or fasteners.
Airfoil carbon shaft
The swing weight of a pole is affected by wind resistance while skiing and becomes exponentially greater with speed. The AirFoil shaped shaft is the most efficient cross-section shape possible to reduce wind resistance. It is tested to generate less drag and resistance than a 14mm shaft, with the strength/stiffness of a 16mm pole shaft.