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carbon carbon probe

LockJaw Carbon/Carbon Probe



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Description & Specs

The ultra lightweight carbon upper and lower shaft are combined with all the multi-purpose features that make this adjustable backcountry ski pole/probe the ideal multifunctional tool for adventure.

  • Sizes: 42in/105cm -58in/145cm
  • Features: LockJaw2 Adjustment Mechanism, Carbon Upper and Lower, Bubble Vial Inclinometer, Snow Depth Ruler that allows you to quickly and accurately measure the depth of a buried layer or boot or ski penetration, Molded Strap Technology, Webbed Powder Baskets, Ultra Lightweight Adventure Grip with Utility Hook that allows you to adjust binding heel lifts and perform various other tasks. In addition, the two lower shafts thread together to create a 200cm long backup probe.


Triax carbon technology
Developed exclusively by K2, Triax Technology is the controlled process of winding carbon fibers at a 60 degree angle around the outside of the shaft. The external TRIAX fibers reinforce and control the uni-directional fibers of the pole, to create a more durable/Stiff shaft. This allows poles built with Triax Technology to feature a thinner (14mm) shaft that is stiffer and lighter then any pole we have ever produced.
Bubble inclinometer
Quick slope measurement is in the palm of your hand with Bubble Inclinometer equipped LockJaw Poles.
Webbed powder basket
A dual material basket design with an aluminum outer ring for improved soft-snow support and a soft webbing that adjusts with the slope angle and won't slip out on firmer snow.
Lockjaw2 clamp
Revolutionary over-center cam design provides effortless length adjustments, while delivering greater clamping power and easier release than similar clamps.