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Description & Specs

The BackLite is designed for the ski tourer focused on efficiency. Our lightweight wood core has clear weight advantages when climbing, but unlike featherweight rando race skis, it provides more power and precision when skiing frozen corn or difficult windblown. Last, the narrow 74mm waist provides exceptional skin purchase when touring on firm snow.

  • Sizes: 153, 160, 167, 174
  • Binding Options: no color
  • Radius: 16m @ 167cm
  • Construction: Cap Construction, Paulownia Core
  • Weight: 1150g @ 167cm
  • Features: Torsion Box, Carbon Web, Z-Clip Skin compatible, Skin Grommets, Cap Construction, Snophobic Topsheets


Carbon web
Enveloping the Mod structure with a carbon weave where the strands of carbon are laid at precise angles for an additional level of torsional rigidity on the secondary core. This keeps the ski light but gives you the additional torsional strength where you need it most.
Skin grommets
The new freeride tip and tail grommets are a clean, simple design that no longer requires a plug. The durable rubber coating disguises a slit designed to accommodate both the Z clip for our skin attachments, and the components to build a rescue sled.
Cap construction
Durable and lightweight “cap” skis are built by a sophisticated molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials with the top layer of the ski. Used throughout our ski line, cap constructions can be assembled with a variety of different cores. These variations, such as glass and/or metal materials, are the determining factors of the skis’ performance.
Snophobic topsheet
Since snow collecting on the ski can add pounds to a climb, our SnoPhobic tops keep you light with a new snow-repellent topsheet. The running surface along the bottom of a ski is hydrophobic by design, so we’ve developed a thinner version of the same material to use on the BackSide model-specific topsheets.
Torsion box technology
Torsion Box construction is the foundation for the widest range of skis designed by K2. Depending on the dimensions of a ski, and the amount of flex and torsion designed into it, one model of a Torsion Box ski can differ greatly from another. The versatility in the construction enables us to build everything from entry-level through expert skis. While there will be significant differences between skis, they do share the common traits of ease, forgiveness, responsiveness, and energy that can be found in all Torsion Box skis.
Z clip
A secure, self-centering attachment that reduces weight and allows for quick transitions on the ascent.