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rescue shovel plus kit
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Rescue Shovel Plus

Avalanche shovel with hoe mode and emergency sled hardware



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Description & Specs

The primary design goal for our backcountry shovels is durability, so they’re all built with heat-treated aluminum. In addition to regular shoveling, the Rescue Shovel Plus works as a hoe, an emergency sled, a dead man anchor, or a flat platform for your stove.

  • Sizes: One Size
  • Colors: green
  • Weight: 715g
  • Features: Emergency Sled Ready with included Hardware, Hoe Mode, Extendable Shaft, Blade Webbing Hole for use as a Deadman Anchor.


Hoe mode
The added hoe feature is ideal for shovel shear tests, and greatly increases your ability to extract snow in many situations.
Rescue sled
Includes the hardware needed to quickly build a rescue sled in the event of a backcountry emergency. See Owners Manual for detailed instructions or find them on our website.